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See through the eyes of designer and stylist Jen Summers...

Jen Summers is a Creative Director, Fashion Stylist, Wardrobe Stylist, Costumer, Costume Designer, and Fashion Designer. 

She has been working independently in this field since 1997. She has excelled at her work as a fashion stylist and has been published in numerous magazines both in the US and in Europe. 

Jen also works as the Creative Director on many projects using her vision to create a story and a character for the audience to connect with. She is capable of working in any style genre, whether it is Couture fashion, period pieces, or beachy Bohemian babes... Given the project, she will create the vision.

Her career as a fashion designer has led her into doing custom costumes for various types of performers: dancers, actors, musicians, aerialists, drag queens, and burlesque performers. She has 2 fashion brands: Sugarpuss, swimwear, lingerie, and costumes; Muheeka, ready to wear handmade Bohemian clothing.

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